Our Vision

At the Akuakrom Development Project Authority our vision is a better world. Akuakrom is and will be the paradigm for sustainable economic growth and development around the world. Green industrial development will eradicate poverty and preserve our most precious resource, planet earth, for future generations. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and develop a city grounded in tradition but founded in modernity that will consciously utilize the natural resources in the region to manufacture high end international goods for the new global green economy. 

Our Core Values

Our core value is the people of Akuakrom, today and in the future.  The land of Akuakrom is rich with resources eagerly sought by foreign nations. But this land and its wealth belong to the people of Akuakrom.  Africans at home and in the diaspora suffer from policies that held no regard for the earth and its inhabitants. It is time for balance to be restored.   It is time for Africans of the Diaspora to return to Africa and contribute to its growth and development in a meaningful way.  The opportunity for economic reward is highly coveted by the rest of the world.  The city is being designed with modern luxuries,  and the quality of life for the people of Akuakrom will far surpass any place in the world where economic disparities still exist based on a history of discrimination against African peoples. When the sons and daughters of Africa come together  the world will heal.