The Development Project

Akuakrom has designated 15 square miles for the main development project, incorporating 7 smaller villages into the overall development plan.  A suburb of Effiduasi and located just 35 miles east of Ghana’s second largest city, Kumasi, which is also the largest trading market in Africa, Akuakrom’s design will foster an enhanced work life balance for families living, working and commuting throughout the region in various phases.

Phase 1: Infrastructure – Waste Management and Water Processing

Phase one of the development will primarily focus on the installation of the pyrolysis system, waste management, and water processing for the development. The development will bring running water to the region with offsite processing facilities.  Phase 1 will also include a research center and college with degrees in agro-pharmaceuticals and alternative energy technologies.  A secondary pyrolysis system within the research center will allow for the natural extraction of the medicinal properties of the region’s natural flora system.  The alternative energy solutions taught at the research center will prepare students and residents to build, manage, govern and maintain this new village built on green technologies. Phase 1 will also include green upgrades to the existing agricultural processing facilities fostering a consolidated regional effort by local farmers to distribute Ghana’s top exports with minimal environmental impact.  

Phase 2: Public Accommodations

Phase two will address housing, administrative / public services and recreation. A local government center will be the central point of the development.  Access to government ensures quality services for the community. The town center will also feature a stadium and athletic center, theaters, cultural arts centers, educational facilities, monuments and museums.  Akuakrom is home of the region’s only? foster home for poor children and will continue to address the needs of under-served children in the area.  Retirement homes and elder care facilities are also a top priority in the region to care for the aging population currently left to manage the agricultural region.  The overall housing layout, however, is designed to attract modern, educated, working class families to the region as an alternative living space in the suburb of Efudasi.

Phase 3: Infrastructure – Roads, Transportation and Telecommunications 

The transportation plan will include mass transit and personal transportation options.  Case studies are currently being reviewed to determine the best options for offering local and regional transport with minimal environmental impact.

Internet and telephonic systems will be installed with special attention to the environmental impact of its layout.  Studies have shown that installment of certain communication devices can upset the natural flora and fauna of an area.  Studies are being conducted to protect the natural environment of the region while providing quality communication services to the region.

Phase 4:  Commercial Development

The development is designed to attract investors and corporations with a green mission and vertical integration plans for raw material cultivation and processing to packaging and international distribution.  The development is ideally situated for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, health and beauty, and textile/fashion industries. Commercial activity from this region will set a paradigm for the New Green Economy raising standards on environmentally friendly packaged goods.

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