Akuakrom Partnerships

Akuakrom and the Diaspora [Back2Roots Association]

The embodiment of this unbreakable bond between Africa and her children of the
Diaspora is symbolized by the Rastafarian Movement whose foundational ethos
is”African Re-construction and Resettlement”. We now seize the opportunity to
introduce our long standing plans and strategies for the inevitable return
home.Recognizing that skills, training and knowledge must accompany this trip,we have
conceptualized a model village, identified a physical location along with the key persons
needed to implement the Akuakrom Sustainable Economic Development Project.
Back2Roots Association, a Non-Governmental, not for profit organization and
Akuakrom Development Project Organisation the chosen vehicles to implement the
pilot project, located in the village of Akuakrom in Sekyere East District , Ashanti
Region, Ghana.

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