Akuakrom Village

Akuakrom is a village in Ghana located in the Ashanti region. The Ashanti region is a rural region, where the population lives mainly from trade in its products (corn, cassava, palm trees, etc.). The population of Akuakrom is around 1,800 people however, the actual population depending on the villages around Akuakrom is around 5,000 people. 95% of the population of Akuakrom and the surrounding villages live from agriculture. The production is consumed but also traded on local markets in the raw state.

Ghana is a country in West Africa which covers an area of 238,540 kmĀ², with a population of 23,342,848 inhabitants . The country’s capital and largest city is Accra, located in the south bordering the Gulf of Guinea. This Commonwealth country saw the election of a new president on December 28, 2008, John Atta-Mills, after a close presidential election deemed democratic by international observers, confirming the fact that the country is stable and reliable at political level.

Latitude: 6.7833 Longitude: -1.3000

Ghana is a country rich in raw materials, agricultural, as well as in mineral resources. Its economy is mainly agricultural: 52% of the population lives in rural areas. The country remains a poor country in Africa, even if the prospects for economic development have increased since the discovery in 2007 of significant offshore oil deposits.

The village of Akuakrom does not have running water but two manual pump wells (funded by the Back To Roots association). Electricity was recently installed (December 2008).

Location : the geographic position of the village of Akuakrom is Sekyere East District, Ashanti Region, Ghana.

Did you know ?
The Name Akuakrom has a meaning! The Akuakrom origin is found in its name, indeed the term ” Akua ” means Woman, and the term ” Krom ” means village.

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